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It's that time of year! Back to School!

July 24, 20235 min read

📚What are your memories of going to school at the start of a new year?🍂 Kindergarten was my most traumatic memory of going to school🏫. As the youngest of 4, my mom, Phyllis, knew what it took to get her kids into kindergarten and to have a successful year👍.

  • Know your first and last name📛

  • Know your parents’ names👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

  • Recite your address and phone number🏠📞

  • Count to 20🔢

  • Say the alphabet🔤

  • Tie your shoes - that was a tough one! 👟

This all sounds fairly basic, but I was traumatized😱! Every single time we drove by or even near that school, John Paul Jones Elementary, Tulsa, Oklahoma, she would remind me of what I had to know to start school in the fall. I didn’t even know what “the fall” was! I was only 5 years old! 👦

Being born on a Monday and my first time in church the following Sunday, I have always believed in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.🙏 I learned to pray from an early age. Being scared to death that I would be the first Jaggers child to fail kindergarten, I hatched a better plan. After each session of practicing the SIX THINGS, I would pray🙏.

Dear God in heaven,

I pray that I will be hit by a bus before “the fall” so that I don’t have to go to kindergarten🚌.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen🕊️

Needless to say, but I will because I LOVE to point out the obvious😉, I was not hit by a bus. I’m not even sure that I had even seen a bus at 5 years old. Maybe I did or had heard of one. I did pass kindergarten and every grade after that. I’m not gonna lie. There were additional times when I said a similar prayer before the start of a new year or a new school. I did have a lot of opportunities to practice. I attended 8 schools in 4 cities in 2 different states to go from kindergarten to a high school graduate🎓. I attended 4 universities in 4 countries to attain my Bachelor of Arts Degree! I’ve since learned that most people don’t attend that many schools so we will just add this to one of the things that makes me special - at least in my own mind!!!😉

You might be asking yourself, “Why is Jennifer sharing this story?”🤔 I do have a reason! Stick with me here.

Last fall, I read a post on The Facebook📱. Yes, I refer to it as “The Facebook”. It’s my thing. Let me have it. A mom, who I know online, was sharing about how difficult it had been to send her little guy to kindergarten. He was ready, so they both thought. She was ready to watch him grow, so she thought. When I read this heart wrenching post💔, I knew I could help🤝.

I reached out to her to see if she wanted my help💌. Let’s be clear about this point. Just because we don’t like a situation or how we feel, physically or emotionally, doesn’t mean we are really and truly ready to have the situation resolved or changed. She said, “YES!”🙌

As a certified practitioner of The Emotion Code® and the Body Code®, we were able to identify trapped emotions she had around going to kindergarten! The anxiety she was feeling about her son going to kindergarten was a direct reflection of her experience as a 5 year old. She was projecting her past trauma, with a lowercase “t” onto her son. He was absorbing her feelings and experiencing anxiety about going off to school himself🏫.

Once we identified and cleared the trapped emotions she had around going to school, and identified the imbalances she had in her body, she was freed from the anxiety and so was her son!🎈 I’m happy to report, shortly after our session, he marched right into that kindergarten room with all the confidence that a 5 year old should have! At 5, you should feel you can do anything! Remember those feelings? Let’s get them back!💪

If you or your little darling is struggling with starting school this fall, like in a few weeks, or at any time throughout the year, I’m here to help🤝. The work I do is fast, easy, with no heavy lifting on your part. Blocks, obstacles, or little bumps in the road are identified and cleared quickly and easily without having to relive the events that put them there in the first place!👌

Here is part of an awesome testimonial from my client Angela📝: 

My treatment with Jennifer was some of the most beautiful work I’ve received… Lifting the burden and emotions stuck on my heart I can literally feel an openness that I haven’t felt in years. No joke! Thank you for your beautiful gift Jennifer!🎁

If …

🤯You have stories running around in your head that are causing you stress about the upcoming school year

😨Your child is scared, stressed or otherwise anxious about the upcoming year

🌈You simply want to clear all the cobwebs and set everyone up for success

then, it’s time to book a QUICK 15-minute Body Code session⏱️. At $67 per session, you can’t go wrong! Once you book, watch the 10 minute video giving all the details of the work that I do so you are fully prepared for an amazing, life-changing experience!🚀

Book today!

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Jennifer Takagi

Intuitive Leadership Coach

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Jennifer is a powerful presence. Her kind, and compassionate manner, combined with her strength of delivery and knowledge, gave me the clarity I was seeking. She opened me so I can see my inner power allowing me to be able to move forward.

Margaret Johnson

President and CEO, Women and Money, Inc.

Working with Jennifer was an incredible experience. She was able to help me make sense of so many elements that were holding me back and see the bigger picture in a way I just could never have done on my own. Not only did I gain this awareness but I was able to lean into a new way of thinking and start seeing results in my life immediately!

Jill Kane

Workplace Wellness Consultant

I am grateful for her intuitive guidance, and I recommend talking with before an upcoming project or event or if you are facing a fork in the road and need extra support.

Shauna Madsen

Creative Marketing Specialist

Jennifer was amazing! First off I totally connected with her immediately. Her warm and inviting personality make it so easy to just relax and be open. Our first session I didn’t really have many questions but she knew exactly what I needed to hear. It was amazing. The second meeting we had I had a bit more direction and again she knew exactly what I needed to hear and it resonated so well. Jennifer is the real deal you won’t be disappointed!

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